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Protests at Jauhar University over notice posted on the wall


Medical students at the Mohammad Ali Jauhar University in Uttar Pradesh’s Rampur staged protests after a team of Uttar Pradesh Medical Education and Training officers passed a be aware on a wall in the varsity premises. The note stated: “On instructions of Director-General Medical Education and Training, a five-member group visited the Jauhar Institute of Medical Science, Rampur, for an inspection to launch a certificate for construction of the clinical university. The team visited the university on Monday for obligatory inspection earlier than issuing a No-Objection Certificate. But they determined the university locked. Since the campus, health facility, registrar office was closed, and nobody of workers become a gift, the attention is being pasted.”

Protests at Jauhar University over notice posted on the wall 2

Soon after the notice was passed, a massive institution of students was amassed on the university campus and staged the protests. The college students stated that the authorities changed into “harassing students and team of workers and hampering academic work”. Gulrez, a scholar, stated: “It has been nearly a month for the reason that officers are swooping down at the Jauhar University. We are right here to look at and no to play political games.”
The protests also persisted on Tuesday.

Several lawsuits had been lodged in opposition to Samajwadi Party MP Mohd Azam Khan, who’s additionally the chancellor of the university. Khan has been charged with land grabbing, stealing books from the ‘Aaliya Madarsa’ and lion statues from the Rampur Club. So now we have the perfect, not anything universe composed entirely of the neutral and best Nothing Atom. All power is locked up tight within the form of particles making up this nothing universe. This is the kingdom of the pre-universe (Nothing Universe) in all guidelines to infinity.

Now, here comes the principal catch 22 situation of my concept. Perhaps it turned into Nuclear Fission or some unknown manner native to this one specific form of depending? Something needed to happen in only the ideal Nothing Atoms to reason it to destabilize beginning a sequence response. Is the Nothing Atom a cumbersome detail in which fission would feel, or is it smaller, and some different reactions passed off? Of this, I am now not sure. I recognize that something had to create a destabilization of one of the particles in the atom to cause an irreversible chain response that might lead to the beginning of the recognized universe. I seek advice from this because of the EVENT.

The Event

The occasion represents the exact moment whilst the reaction commenced, and our universe started to develop within this sea of atoms. Since the legal guidelines of physics do not exist, it is hard for me to state conclusively that nuclear fission results in the event. Spontaneous fission tends to be much less not unusual among lighter elements. If it’s miles responsible, then the not anything atom is most likely a heavier detail. If now not, then some other manner had to reason the occasion. Whatever the case can be, I have come up with a principle to explain why it had to occur primarily based upon the concept of possibility.

Statistically speakme, one might have to assume that while you are handling infinity, the chance of 1 occasion occurring is one in infinity. That is to say that if an event can arise, but unbelievable, danger still exists for its incidence when infinity is taken into consideration. As one of my former geology professors, Dr. Eastler, used to say, “It failed to have to happen. However, it had to occur.” Once this one neutral Nothing atom destabilized, it set into motion a chain response that might lead to the finest single explosion with a purpose to ever arise in the history of reality. Some may also call it “the Big Bang”; I call it; “The Event.”


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