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Syracuse University is America’s top party college


Syracuse University is the kingdom’s pinnacle university — when it comes to partying. The Orange earned the high marks primarily based on a survey of one hundred forty,000 college students by way of the Princeton Review, USA Today suggested. The overview, available this week, ranked the faculties primarily based on drug and alcohol use, observe time, and Greek lifestyles. In all, the colleges are judged under fifty-eight separate classes, with Syracuse placing second inside the “masses of tough liquor” category and eighth in “plenty of beer” — no longer that it changed into the simplest college where students had been hitting the bottle as opposed to the books.

Syracuse University is America’s top party college 2

The University of Alabama, the University of Delaware, West Virginia University, and Tulane University ranked 2d thru 5th, respectively. The 2019 listing marked a new excessive for Syracuse, which got here in the fourth ultimate yr, while Delaware, West Virginia, and Tulane crowned the list. The University of Alabama jumped from 11th closing year to second this year. The birthday party tag didn’t take a seat too nicely with Syracuse officers, who stated that the Princeton Review ignored the mark.

“By all measures, our student experience is rooted inside the packages and offerings to be had to facilitate each personal and professional fulfillment — at the same time as at Syracuse University and beyond,” the statement stated. The school stated the Princeton birthday party listing isn’t always “a mirrored image of our extraordinary method to education.” What I am about to endorse in this paper is an idea that I have actually dwelled upon for years. It is a principle that I consider and has helped me come to higher know-how of our universe. It additionally is going past the sticking point of, “What came earlier than.” In my opinion, there are the most effective modern-day theories that make sense. There is my idea of the not anything universe, and there may be the idea of God.

No count how tough I rack my brain; I just can not come to any other end. Either my theory is correct, the proper concept has now not been written, or God is chargeable for the whole thing. These were the alternatives I gave myself, and for now, I will stay with my conclusions. My goal now’s to proportion my concept with the arena and desire that it is a great one. I consider that this idea neatly ties together all of the loose ends of existence. I additionally accept as true that it is each bit as precise because of the Big Bang Theory. With a clear understanding of our beginnings, we can benefit from a full perception of the internal workings of our facts. I might also like to add that I seek advice from my speculation as a principle because I trust most, if no longer all, of the proof in help of the Big Bang can also be used to support my hypothesis.

The Nothing Universe

We are all acquainted with our human concept of not anything. When a bottle is empty, we are saying, “Nothing is in it.” We recognize that this isn’t honestly the case. We’re referring to the fact that what we idea must be in the bottle is not there. For nothing to actually be within the bottle, the bottle itself would contain a vacuum. A vacuum is the whole absence of a count number. This would be a really perfect vacuum. Space isn’t always a really perfect vacuum, and it’s far difficult to say if an ideal vacuum can even exist. Regardless a vacuum is the authentic concept of nothing. However, it isn’t the authentic form of not anything. I am pronouncing that our idea of not anything and the true shape of nothing are two various things. The true nation of not anything is neutrality.

A balance between expenses in a perfectly arranged atom. This perfect atom I actually have named the Nothing Atom. This not anything atom is composed of both rely and anti depend debris joined collectively and separated by using neutrons. The nothing atom is composed of the proton, the neutron, the electron, in addition to their anti count counterparts. They are all locked together and kept from destroying each other by neutrons. I do no longer know the exact arrangement of that debris on this ideal atom. However, this is beside the point. All that is vital is the concept that they are all locked collectively in this one perfect Nothing Atom.

The electron and the positron do now not annihilate every other because they occupy extraordinary orbital lobes. Again, I no longer absolutely understand this atom’s exact association; it handiest that it existed. Whatever the precise arrangement is, this flawlessly impartial Nothing Atom is the best issue in the pre-universe and composed infinity absolutely. No loose space existed between those atoms. There was no motion and therefore no time, but we can use the idea of infinity to present us an idea of the kingdom of the universe up until the point of the event.


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