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Dehradun college wins Hindi debate


The two-day inter-school ninth AajTak Hindi Debate Competition, which was organized to spread consciousness about the importance of our mom tongue Hindi, a few adolescents, concluded at Vasant Valley School on Friday. After several rounds of heated arguments and fluent Hindi elocution, Welham Girls’ School emerged as the winner.

The topic for the very last spherical of the debate turned into “Is efficient dictatorship higher than an inefficient democracy?” which saw a fierce competition between Vasant Valley School of Delhi and Welham Girls’ School of Dehradun, Uttarakhand.

Anjana Om Kashyap, the award-prevailing journalist of AajTak, became the leader visitor of the opposition who declared the winners’ names and rewarded them.

Dehradun college wins Hindi debate 2

Kashyap also responded to journalism-related questions asked by the students and target audience. She also heaped praise on the students who took part in the very last debate.

“I am satisfied to analyze that this subject matter is below dialogue nowadays as it’s far one among my favorite subjects within the newsroom. In the future, we need to try to establish a political system wherein the actual power lies within the arms of people,” Kashyap stated.

Jiya Gupta, Pravisha Verma, and Medha Ajitsaria have been a part of the winning team. Holding the massive trophy in their hands, they stated: “It feels first-rate to have received this competition. It becomes a very new form of exposure as we’ve by no means performed a turncoat earlier. More so, we’re proud that we received a Hindi debate as it’s our mother tongue.”

Yash Gupta, Sehej Kaur, and Advaya Gulati from Vasant Valley School group came 2nd. Sehaj informed India Today TV: “We assume the award is well deserved. It was a hard competition. We attempted our fine, but the winner crew performed very well.”

Over 100 college students from 36 schools participated in the competition. Rohit Singh Rawat from Hermann Gneiner, Bhimtal, who stood forth, stated: “We all learned a brand new format of discussion on this platform and had a superb experience. We will come better prepared next time and win the next debate at Vasant Valley.”

The important and teachers of Vasant Valley School were also delighted. They stated with a declaration that the purpose of this opposition was to introduce our mom language to the English medium schools inside the Capital and to provide an explanation for its significance, which appears to be whole.


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