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University of Sydney researchers


University of Sydney researchers


The University of Sydney’s Westmead Applied Research has received AU$1 million after winning the Google.Org AI Impact Challenge to broaden a customized artificial intelligence (AI) digital fitness application to prevent heart attacks.

The digital health application will use sufferers’ virtual footprints recorded in technology, which include cell smartphone apps and wearable, and integrate the facts with AI to supply tailored advice, nudges thru text messages, and accurate chance exams to sufferers who’ve been to the health center with chest pains.

This new customized virtual fitness answer might be brought as a part of the Living Lab strategy at Westmead.

Clare Chow, who’s a cardiologist at Westmead Hospital and the University of Sydney’s Westmead Clinical School, said a focus on a scalable prevention application is aimed to lessen the range of attacks.

“Chest pain is the second one most not unusual motive human beings present to emergency branch in Australia and maybe an early warning sign — early identification and tracking could prevent patients returning to sanatorium suffering a coronary heart attack but currently this is poorly finished,” she stated.

“AI-pushed virtual health interventions have the capability to be the game-changer — because the generation would enable sufferers to be monitored whilst they move approximately their every day lives.”

In addition to the investment, the studies center will even have to get right of entry to to a mentorship added through a ‘Googler’, which Chow stated will “honestly assist us in translating this research right into a deliverable application that has the greatest attain”.

The AI Impact Challenge was developed whilst Google unveiled its AI for Social Good initiative final October that aims to steer the company’s sizeable assets and expertise in AI to initiatives with nice effects on society. The initiative is a joint attempt between Google.Org, the organization’s philanthropic arm, and Google engineers and researchers.

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