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Khat writing lesson includes tracing


KUALA LUMPUR: Tracing, copying the Jawi characters, and including the dots to produce khat calligraphy is all this is required of Year Four pupils in country wide-type Chinese and country wide-type Tamil number one faculties, or SJKC and SJKT when the khat artwork shape is introduced as part of the Bahasa Melayu challenge next year.

Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)’s Department of Malay Language lecturer in Language Learning and Acquisition, Prof Dr. S. Vijayaletchumy, stated the issue might handiest study four instances a yr for 10 mins as support fabric for the Bahasa Melayu syllabus.

Vijayaletchumy, who’s among panel individuals involved in drafting the curriculum, also emphasized that only five to 6 jaw characters would be added to the scholars in the lecture room periods.

Khat writing lesson includes tracing 2

“The society, in addition to sure parties have in fact misunderstood or are pressured via the difference between jaw and khat. They are different things. Jawi is a form of writing used for authentic functions, while khat or calligraphy is a decorative artwork from flowing cursive lettering. The Ministry of Education (MOE) incorporates khat writing within the Bahasa Melayu syllabus because it’s miles a part of the Malay heritage and has its aesthetic price. What goes to study is khat writing and not jaw, and this has brought about lots of confusion,” she informed Bernama while met at UPM yesterday.

She said dad and mom of SJKC and SJKT pupils need now not worry as this has not had anything to do with Islamic mastering because khat is an artwork and very just like Chinese calligraphy.

She commented on the difficulty over khat writing that allows you to be added inside the Bahasa Melayu syllabus for Year 4 students in vernacular colleges, which has raised objections amongst certain businesses, including12 Chinese and Tamil training organizations in the united states of America.

Vijayaletchumy stated there are five key regions in Bahasa Melayu coaching and learning technique: listening/talking, analyzing, writing, and grammar and vocabulary competencies.

“The khat instructions contain aesthetics in writing and could now not be blanketed as a standard in assessing college students’ fulfillment. This has been stated virtually inside the Standard Document for Curriculum and Assessment (DSKP).

“The lessons will be performed in an at ease way, and it is simply an extra pastime. This is likewise a psychomotor evaluation as khat writing requires scholars to extend the writings to the left, proper, backside, and so forth.

“It is likewise accurate for the mind because for the scholars that is a laugh gaining knowledge of consultation as they are not compelled to bypass the test, therefore, making gaining knowledge of extra conducive.”

At the same time, she stated that the introduction of khat artwork lessons might no longer require extra instructors inside the faculty as the present team of workers could be deployed for the undertaking.

On top of that, she stated dad and mom do no longer must fear over costs, as all gear to be used within the getting to know method would be borne by means of the ministry.

“I desire this problem will give up from being politicized as it’s far for the benefit of the future era,” said Vijayaletchumy adding that the matter has been mentioned and agreed upon with the aid of over 30 linguists collectively with SJKT and SJKC school teachers who sit down within the special panel.


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