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Kerala Agricultural University Recruitment 2019


Kerala Agricultural University has invited applications for the put up of Senior Research Fellow and Project Assistant. Interested candidates can seem for Walk-in-Interview on August sixteen, 2019.
Kerala Agricultural University Recruitment: Important Date
Walk-in-Interview Date: August 16, 2019 (08:30 a.M.)
Kerala Agricultural University Recruitment: Vacancy Details
Senior Research Fellow: 01

Kerala Agricultural University Recruitment 2019 2

Project Assistant: 01
Kerala Agricultural University Recruitment: Eligibility Criteria
Educational Qualification:
Senior Research Fellow: MSc (Zoology) from any regarded college and Experience or Training in respective fields.
Project Assistant: Diploma in Agricultural Science and Experience or Training in related fields.

Salary: Rs. 22000 Per Month (Senior Research Fellow), Rs. 19000 Per Month (Project Assistant)
Kerala Agricultural University Recruitment: How to apply
Interested candidates can appear for walk-in-interview on August 16, 2019, at Kerala Agricultural University, Regional Agricultural Research Station, Mele Pattambi, District- Palakkad – 679306, Kerla.
About Kerala Agriculture University

The Kerala Agricultural University was installed on twenty-fourth February 1971 and started outperforming on 1st February 1972. The Kerala Agricultural University is the 15th inside the collection of the SAUs- State Agricultural Universities. When it involves the choice method of KAU, the candidates must absorb a written exam / Interview. The type of requested questions inside the technical interview round differs from one position to every other.

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