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How to Master Your English by Learning The Most Common Words


You cannot master the English language with just one to two weeks of learning, and one challenge you will encounter along the way is vocabulary. Before you start your language learning, you should know that the English language has a vibrant vocabulary and needs to prepare for it. However, you should not feel overwhelmed by it. Instead, please take it as a challenge because it is an opportunity to improve and level up your word bank.

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It might seem impossible to learn tons of words, but luckily, there is a quick way or technique to do it. You might want to get your pen and paper and start listing the 300 most common English words that can build the foundation of your vocabulary. Yes, you read that right. The technique of knowing the 300 most common words will lead you to understand 65% of written material. Pretty interesting. But how do you start with these words? How can you master English by starting with it?

Start with pronunciation.

Before anything else, you might want to try reading the most common words on your own. After giving it a shot, you can watch a video or tutorial on how to say each word correctly. As you watch, make sure to mimic and repeat the correct pronunciation. This is for you to remember it quickly.

Search for its meaning.

After learning the proper pronunciation, you might want to know what it means. Browse a dictionary and read the meaning of each word. Try to understand the context of the sentence and how the word was used. Along with your reading, you will also get some example sentences where the word was used.

Use it in context or also known as application.

The best way to understand a word is to use it in your own sentence. However, learning would be effective if you use the word in a context that interests you a lot. You can also make fun of a conversation and try to include each word in the dialogue.

Read, read, and read.

Now that you have an idea about the most common words together with their meaning and proper pronunciation, you might want to test yourself if you can comprehend just by having 300 words in your word bank. You might want to get a book, newspaper, or magazine and start reading. As you read, you will surely encounter the words you have learned, and later on, you will be amazed that you can understand the reading text even if you only have a limited vocabulary.

To better grasp the English language, you might want to take your game to the next level. Although you can now comprehend a written material using only the top 300 most common words, you might also want to learn the sentence structure. Sentence structure is essential in English, and you do not want to rumble through the different parts of speech when you are expressing yourself.

Time for an upgrade!

After memorizing and applying the most common words, you can now move on and upgrade your language learning. It is as simple as adding ten to fifteen words per day in your word bank. Happy learning! As time passes by, you won’t notice that you have enriched your vocabulary and mastered English just by doing so. Trust yourself and your journey.


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