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Finding Balance as a Dual-Career Couple


According to modern research from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly half of marriages within the U.S. Are composed of twin-career couples. That number rises to sixty-three % of married couples with kids. Kids or no youngsters, the benefits of a twin-profession family — which includes extra-economic stability and a chance for each partner to pursue professional success — are widespread.

Yet twin-profession couples face a unique set of challenges and exchange-offs. As a government educates, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for these customers to seek the recommendation regarding no longer just the workplace but the home as nicely. When both you and your associate have busy, worrying careers, how will you acquire the benefits of being a twin-career couple and show up like your great self, at paintings and domestic?


Negotiating whose profession takes prominence at any given time, juggling two paintings schedules and household and family obligations, and maintaining wholesome barriers among domestic existence and paintings existence are regularly the most difficult regions to navigate. While every household is exceptional, the couples I’ve seen triumph over those challenges have advanced systems that optimize their time and electricity — as a unit. Below are some of the maximum successful practices my clients have positioned into exercise.

Think of Your Family as a Team

When you’ve got a stressful career, it can be clean to end up so wrapped up on your paintings that it slow at home receives shuffled down the concern listing. To overcome this, you want to provide your family or accomplice the equal degree of dedication you supply to your team at paintings.

Coming up with a call for your own home team — or your circle of relatives — is a laugh way to shift your mindset. Doing so can assist remind you and your associate that it should never be “my career as opposed to your career.” Rather, it would be best if you viewed yourselves as allies. One leader I labored with and his spouse — who also had a successful career — chose the call “Team Quinn” after their family surname. Another couple picked the acronym GBG, which stood for “Go Bernstein’s Go.”

These names helped them see each other greater fully as companions navigating everyday challenges, just as they do with their colleagues at work. Team Quinn started making plans for a domestic timetable as a unit — accounting for career demands, the kids’ activities, and a laughing circle of relatives’ outings. In doing so, they have reduced the resentments that frequently get up whilst dual-profession couples fail to paintings collectively.

Get Comfortable Saying “No

As you and your associate’s careers advance, you may benefit from the greater effect and receive an increasing number of requests beyond your everyday painting obligations. You may be invited to wait for consumer dinners, be a part of boards, communicate at events, or even grow to be mentors. These activities are regularly rewarding, but they require time and electricity. To keep a wholesome work-life equation, you’ll want to get comfy saying “no.” But understanding when to turn down a request isn’t constantly clean.

One professional I labored with gives an example. She felt a duty to enroll in her son’s college board because she wanted to assist his schooling, and lots of her colleagues had completed the equal for their children. But the extra we explored the problem, the more it has become clear that taking on this position was greater of a “have to” than a “want to.” Ultimately, it’d tip the scales of what became already a good scenario at domestic.

My purchaser considered the value-add of her alternatives. She could spend her time outdoor of work with the mother and father and teachers at the board, or she ought to use it for high-quality time together with her son. She and her partner selected the latter. By having an honest communique about what turned into critical to them, they have been able to work around their schedules and display up for their son in a way that labored pleasant for the whole family. To discover the paintings-lifestyles equation that helps your first-rate self, you’ll need to do the equal. Carefully take into account the price-upload of every request you get hold of with the aid of asking yourself the subsequent questions:

Is it something for which you may uniquely add a fee?

Will you derive price through attending or joining?
What will be the impact on your partner and homegroup?

The reality is, you can’t do all of it — and neither can your companion. That’s why each request you be given ought to have a widespread price-add.

Play to Each Other’s Strengths and Interests

With both companions working, staying on top of family and circle of relatives’ duties is a continuous war. More frequently than now not, you have to be strategic and disciplined approximately who does what, especially as your paintings and own family roles develop. Divvying up duties in keeping with every other’s strengths and pursuits can be a lifesaver. One couple I consulted had been in steady war because of the stresses of juggling household responsibilities. To ease the anxiety, I had them make a list of their obligations — everything from unloading the dishwasher to managing payments to getting their children to and from extracurriculars.

Next, I requested them to categorize every item on the list as “detest,” “don’t thoughts,” or “enjoy.” The couple becomes then able to reassign gadgets primarily based on everyone’s strengths and interest stages, dramatically decreasing anxiety and maximizing their capacity to be effective and present. If you locate that a few gadgets to your personal listing are critical but loathsome to each of you and your partner, outsourcing may be a highly beneficial alternative.


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