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How To Use Google’s Job Search Feature To Land A Job


When you sit down all the way down to task hunt, one of the first questions Baby Boomers inquire from me is what website I have to go to? It would be awesome if the whole lot turned into well in a single website, and that was all you had to test. Fortune 500 organizations list their jobs on their website. A few groups handiest vicinity listings for some positions on other commercial websites, normally looking for hard-to-locate tech employees. Many schools and universities handiest use their internet site for advertising their jobs. Want a central authority process? Most metropolis, kingdom, and federal jobs are listed on the actual town or the country’s website. Federal jobs can be observed at the government’s internet site.

How To Use Google’s Job Search Feature To Land A Job 2

How sophisticated are your search competencies? Are you conscious that you may discover a task the usage of Google? You recognize you can seek and take a look at businesses and agencies through finding their websites but did you recognize that Google now has a process seek characteristic? Susan Joyce, CEO and task-hunt.Org Editor, spoke with me, saying that Google Jobs has become something many people have never heard of. She defined how this works and why Google is a remarkable device to add and use for your activity seek. It could be complete in that Google searches organizations and process boards to bring together a list for the process identify you are searching for. For Baby Boomers, this could be an exceptional time-saver, especially in case you are running and might most effectively commit some hours per week to your task search. Let’s take a closer look at how this tool works.

How to apply for Google$ Jobs

Joyce defined that within the Google search bar, kind within the job identify you seek plus the word “jobs” and positioned the word in fees. For instance, “Project Manager Jobs.” Google routinely searched thru the Internet and made me a listing of challenge supervisor jobs located close to my home in a Seattle suburb. I then changed the settings to be broader by including Seattle, typing “Project Manager Jobs Seattle.” Wow, a remarkable array of jobs popped up from all styles of websites and for so many ones of kind corporations. There had been listings from Ladders, Zip Recruiter, Career Builder, LinkedIn, Military.Com, Glassdoor, and Monster, to name among the large websites. They are multi-functional easy area the usage of Google.

“It seems that Google’s lists aren’t running with Indeed.Com, so you’ll nevertheless need to go to Indeed as a part of your task seek,” noted Joyce. “Using Google Jobs as part of your activity search strategy does provide you with so many greater possibilities you may leave out.”

You’ll see the Navigation Bar presenting those alternatives:

Category – Title – Location – Date published – Type – Company kind – Employer

Underneath that line, you’ll see the industries that the jobs are from. You can pick one or dispose of jobs in fields you have no enjoy in or don’t want to paintings in. You can also manage how the latest job listings are. Just click on “date published” and select ALL, past day, or past three days, or beyond a week or past month. I’d recommend you look at the greater recent listings first, then pass one month again.

Joyce stated that when you are not certain of precisely the phrase to apply in a word, replace that word with an asterisk ( * ) with spaces on each facet of it. When Google sees the asterisk, Google will replace the asterisk with a word it thinks you may need.

For example, perhaps you want an entry-degree process or assistant task. However, you aren’t but sure which task identifies your need. You could type this query into Google to have Google show you your options. For example:

“access degree * task” – This search might find many different access degree jobs.

“assistant * job” – This could find many different assistant jobs, including assistant cook dinner, assistant bookkeeper, assistant manager, and so forth.

It’s vital to observe that Google will search on a word whilst you enclose the word inside quotation marks, as above. Always use the citation marks whilst searching out jobs on Google.


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