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5 Ways Hotel Self-Check-In Technology Can Help You


The hotel’s self-check-in technology works like this; guests use their smartphones to scan a QR code or enter an access code on the hotel’s website before they arrive at the premises. Once checked in, they can use their phone to open the door to their room and enter the building without needing to speak with a front desk clerk.
Self-Check-In The benefits of this system are obvious for hotels, which can save money on staffing costs. But what about guests? Here are five ways hotel self-check-in technology can help you:

Enter a hotel anywhere, anytime

This is your new reality. With the advent of self-check-in technology, you can now enter your hotel room from anywhere in the world—whether in your pajamas at home or on a layover in a foreign country. Self-check-in technology allows you to complete the check-in process without talking to another person. Complete your check-in online (or on a mobile app), and then use your key card to enter the hotel room door. The hotel self-check-in kiosk allows you to enter your room without waiting in line at the front desk. This is particularly helpful when traveling with young children or having important meetings and appointments during your stay.

Avoid human interaction

One of the biggest benefits of self-check-in technology is that it helps eliminate human interaction. This means that guests can avoid having to speak with someone over the phone or in person when they check-in. They don’t have to wait for an employee to get off the phone or come out from behind the desk. Instead, they can go straight to their room without having to talk to anyone at all.

The same goes for employees as well – they no longer have to worry about dealing with visitors who have concerns or questions about their stay at your hotel. It also reduces any possible language barriers between you and your guests, which can be very helpful if you run a bilingual property or have guests who don’t speak English well (or at all).

Get more privacy

When you arrive at your hotel, you can bypass the front desk by checking in through an app or kiosk. This means no one has to know where you’re staying or when you arrived. It allows you to check in without interacting with anyone else in the hotel, giving you more privacy and control over your schedule.

Improved security measures

Hotel self-check-in technology offers many security features that ensure only registered guests can access their rooms. For example, it can be programmed so that only people who have checked in online are given access to their rooms. This feature prevents unauthorized guests from entering your property without being detected by front desk staff or security personnel.

Easy integration with your programs and devices

Hotel self-check-in technology is compatible with many different booking systems and apps, so installing it won’t take much time or effort. You can also integrate it with other technologies, such as biometric readers, facial recognition cameras, and electronic locks. These connections will make it easier for guests to check in — even if they don’t have an electronic device or are unfamiliar with the interface.


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