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The danger from VET


Diane Gepp, the president of Comdance (previously Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing – CSTD), wrote this letter to ‘Dance Australia about her issues with VET courses in government colleges putting private dance faculties out of business. As a result, Michelle Dursun has investigated the difficulty in our Aug/Sep issue. Read Diane’s letter below and follow up with our article on the cutting-edge difficulty of ‘Dance Australia.’

I am writing to gain a few exposures to the plight of dance studio owners in the usa. I am writing as a concerned enterprise chief, not clear from my angle as president of the Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dance (Comdance) but the rise of all dance coaching societies. The Vocational and Education and Training (VET) certification the authorities added via a countrywide training body has disastrous consequences for dance teachers.

The danger from VET 2

We are dealing with extinction if some action isn’t always taken to realize the privately owned dance studios. These colleges provide far superior dance schooling and play a significant role in producing the subsequent technology of professional dancers and instructors.

As a society, Comdance recognized the threat VET courses could have on non-public dance studios six years ago and has become an accomplice in an established Registered Training Organisation (RTO). Our students can do checks and have the technical abilities known in the VET certificate. We, nevertheless, cannot compete with the government instructional area.

I quote beneath a letter from a large college in Brisbane to create the troubles I enhance.

When the opportunity got here for a dance certificate to be provided via our studio, I was ecstatic. As I noticed, the authentic goal was to have wellknown dance training that might be known and that might make contributions to the academic qualifications of our dancers. I am locating that although the capabilities are being passed out, there’s a HUGE difference inside the wellknown. OOperating with dance societies might ensure that the societies’ paintings have finished and retain to do regarding bounce training and method would be recognized using government nationally.

I can give you an example of a real lifestyle.

I have CSTD examination students sitting in CERT three with the Australian Dance Institute as their RTO. They have been dancing for 12 years and are at a stage of professionalism that might see them acquiring full-time paintings within the industry.

Similarly, I have students who attend “social training” once weekly who’ve announced that they’re sitting CERT three at their excessive faculty and following any other RTO. After two years of as soon as-in keeping with-week dance, they may come out with the same degree certificates because of the pupil with 12 years
of enjoyment.

This does nothing to make the Certificate worthy of support. In truth, after all the work put into its creation, it may be visible as a waste of time. Dance studios will now not aid it – they can’t.

I also find that students leave my studio to train with different colleges that provide those shortened qualifications. The Certificate can be performed earlier than- and after-faculty-care times. They can do eisteddfods via their college, and now they can do their checks. So, there may be no need to ship their youngsters to a dance studio in their mother and father’s eyes.

The faculties are helping dance in a big way (most of them are becoming privatized) because there’s extra money to be made. Students are paying dance class levies, eisteddfod entries, and Certpayments. There is no money left for private dance studio classes. Ten years ago, faculty told my college students there was no future in dance. That was earlier than they might see the dollars that would be made from assisting it.


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