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BRONSON BOMBSHELL Charles Bronson’s estranged spouse Paula Williamson


CHARLES Bronson’s estranged spouse became penning a tell-all book about her doomed marriage to Britain’s most notorious prisoner whilst she died, The Sun can monitor. Paula Williamson’s dead body became located at her domestic Stoke-on-Trent ultimate Monday through her new boyfriend Peter Jones, 53, before it may be completed. Paula Williamson – who married Charles Bronson behind bars in November 2017 – turned into observed with the aid of her new accomplice on her mattress at her home in Stoke. In the haunting first few pages of her ebook – seen by using The Sun – she wrote: “Why a display all divulge ebook?

BRONSON BOMBSHELL Charles Bronson’s estranged spouse Paula Williamson 2

“Well, for a start, it became Charlie that initially came up with the idea and honored it by writing the ebook’s foreword. “Despite being thirty-two years my senior and having spent 40-3 years in jail, this man regarded to apprehend the center of me. “He allowed me to share my innermost thoughts freely with him without fear of embarrassment. “This, in turn, opened the door and allowed loose my darkish feel of self-deprecating humor, permitting it to go with the flow out onto the paper of which I wrote to him.”

She tells of her repeated battles with intellectual health – together with Borderline Personality Disorder and bipolar – and famous her break up from Bronson closing July changed into “surprising” and “explosive”. She adds: “When I fall for someone, I fall deep; no one else exists in that sense.

I get absolutely committed, despite being an outrageous flirt. “Why then do I feel for all time-pressured, and tortured using everybody else’s reviews of me, when, as my Mother effectively informs me: ‘Listen, girl, the most effective opinion that absolutely counts for whatever is mine, and your Fathers.’ “Even although my mother and father haven’t constantly been at the back of me on my adventure into what has been severe and at times catastrophic lust-for-existence, they were always there to trap me if I fell.

Paula, 38, wed Bronson at HMP Wakefield in November 2017.

Convicted robber Bronson has spent most of the beyond 4 decades imprisoned for a chain of violent crimes. But their marriage fell aside last July whilst we found out photos of a person burying himself in her boobs on a drunken vacation. She changed into the procedure of having the wedding annulled – given that it was now not consummated – whilst she died.

Last week, he found out he is to marry again after striking up a romance with a girl of 63 known as Joan. It may be his fourth marriage. A spokesman for a former Coronation Street actress found out she was near completing the tale of her life.

Plans to publish it at Christmas are predicted to go ahead.

The spokesman stated: “In the quit, she changed into extremely sour approximately what took place with Charlie. She’d done a lot for him and felt allow down while he ended the wedding. “She’d commenced writing her memoir pretty some time in the past and changed into in the method of completing it off with a ghost creator Lee Wortley whilst she died. “Her final cellphone call the night time earlier than she was located lifeless became to her literary agent to speak about what extra turned into wanted.

“The ebook charts her curler-coaster lifestyles from the times whilst she becomes in touch with House of Horrors serial killer Fred West to her marriage to Charlie Bronson.” As the couple has been technically married when she died, the coroner had to seek Bronson’s permission for an autopsy to be performed on her frame. Sources say Bronson, 66, who has spent 44 years at the back of bars, gave the cross-in advance and supplied his condolences to Paula’s own family. He is stated to have spoken to his great man Rod Harrison at HMP Woodhill in Milton Keynes, in which he is now held.

Bronson has reportedly voiced hopes of being released from prison to attend Paula’s funeral.

Any prisoner can apply for a special functions license to go away to prison for most of 4 nights for a funeral, marriage, or medical remedy. Mr. Jones, a truck motive force, hopes to put his lover to relaxation on what would have been her 39th birthday, on August 19.

Staffordshire Police showed there might be a post mortem examination.

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