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Architecture Internships for Graduate Students


Architecture internships are in demand, and there is still space in the market for architectural students to work in the industry. If you are interested in architecture and want to start your career in the field, then apply for an architecture internship today.

Are you an architecture graduate student looking to get your hands dirty? Or are you interested in building your portfolio? If you answered “yes” to either question, an architecture internship may be for you.

You’ve earned your degree, and now you’re ready to start working in architecture. But what do you do next? Where do you start?

In this article, we’ll cover all of the details of the architecture internship process.

We’ll go over how to find the right architecture internship for you, how to prepare for the interview process, what to expect during the interview, and how to land the job once you’ve been accepted!

I recently decided to work at an architecture firm. It’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made in years. Working at an architecture firm has allowed me to work with incredible professionals. They are brilliant and talented, and they support graduate students. If you’re a graduate student interested in architecture, here are some tips on getting started.

Architecture Internships

What is an architecture internship?

An architecture internship is a paid work placement where you gain practical experience in the industry. Most architecture internships last a few months and are structured around a particular project or company.

A common misconception is that an architecture internship is like an entry-level job. While it is an excellent opportunity to build your portfolio and get experience in the field, it is a very different experience than an entry-level job.

Most architecture internships are unpaid, so you’ll need to budget your time accordingly. Some people find that they can “make up” for the lack of pay with free lodging and meals.

If you are interested in architecture internships, consider a few things.

First, check out the architecture internship database. You can use this to find a wide range of opportunities at companies worldwide.

Second, consider where you’re located. Many companies prefer to recruit interns from nearby universities.

Third, keep in mind the project or company you’re going for. Is it a public or private firm? Is it an industrial or commercial project?

You can also use LinkedIn to find more opportunities. You can search for jobs by city, type of internship, or even the company’s name.

Finally, don’t forget to “follow the money.” Look at the project or company you’re going for, and see if it has an online presence. You can visit the company’s social media, website, and other online assets.

Why do architecture internships exist?

Architecture internships are the perfect place for you to gain experience and build your portfolio. They are also great for networking and learning from your peers, and you’ll likely make many new friends.

Architectural internships are usually paid positions, so they are a fantastic opportunity for someone already strapped for cash.

Types of architecture internships

Here are some common types of architecture internships that you can consider.

Architectural design

You can take on an architectural design position where you work on a project to improve the overall aesthetics of a site or building. This could be something as simple as painting a room.

Building maintenance

You can find a job in building maintenance as a contractor or an employee. This is usually done by contractors who build, maintain, and repair buildings for businesses and governments.

City planning

City planning is a type of architecture internship where you work on projects to make cities more livable.


A consulting internship is when you work with an organization to improve its processes and operations.

What are the advantages of architecture internships?

Architecture internships are the perfect way for architecture graduate students to build a portfolio and network. Some companies even offer placements on a paid basis.

Companies can see you’re serious about your career, so they’re more likely to hire you. You can also gain experience by working in a company of your choosing, so you’ll be able to find a job when you graduate.

There are also many benefits for both the employer and the intern. If you’re lucky enough to be placed with a company you admire, you’ll be able to learn about its operations and culture.

You’ll also be able to learn about their business, and the company will be able to benefit from your expertise.

There are many different architectural internships available, ranging from entry-level to senior-level roles. These include design and construction projects and project management and administrative tasks.

 Frequently asked questions About Architecture Internships.

Q: What was it like when you were an architecture intern?

A: When I was an architecture intern, I got to go all over the place. I got to go to museums, which was very educational. I got to meet different architects, and I was in the middle of building a project, so I learned more about my field.

Q: How did you find an internship?

A: I searched online, ensuring the school had a design department. I also talked to the program coordinator and my advisor.

Q: What was your internship experience like?

A: I did an internship at Gensler Architects. I learned about the office from working there, and I was able to make connections with different people there, including the firm’s partner, who is one of my professors.

Q: Did you have a mentor?

A: I had a mentor at Gensler, but I would have to do my research most of the time.

Top Myths About Architecture Internships

1. It is easy to get a job if you apply at the end of the semester.

2. You will have trouble finding a job if you apply early in the semester.

3. A portfolio makes you look good.

4. You should not get an architecture internship during your last semester of grad school.

5. The only way to get a job after graduation is to work for free.


Architectural Internships For Graduate Students: What Are They & What Do They Pay?

Internships are often a great way to break into the field.

Many internship opportunities are available, but some companies are better than others.

For example, architecture firms pay their interns much better than other companies.

You’ll have a better chance of getting paid if you go to school for your degree first.


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