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Animation and Visual Effects, Master | Academy of Art University | San  Francisco, United States

Academy Of Art University Online Classes

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Academy Of Art University Website

Academy of Art University is a university located in San Francisco, California. It offers a wide range of programs in design and the arts.

Academy Of Art University is a private, non-profit, and non-degree-granting institution founded in 1919. Its main campus is in San Francisco, California.

Academy Of Art University has received several awards and distinctions, such as the College of Fellows Award for Excellence in Fine Arts from the National Endowment for the Arts.

The Western Association of Schools and Colleges accredits the Academy Of Art University.

Academy Of Art University Blog

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Academy Of Art

Academy of Art University is a private university in San Francisco, California, United States. It is one of the world’s leading art schools.

It offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in the arts, media, business, and design.

Students at the Academy of Art University receive the best training available. Their faculty members are highly respected, their programs are accredited, and the curriculum is constantly updated.

Academy of Art University is committed to helping its students develop the skills to succeed in a global market.

  I have frequently asked questions about University.

Q: How do I log into my Academy of Art University account?

A: To log in to your AAU account, click on the link on the login page that says “Login with MyAAU.” From there, you can enter your information and log in.

Q: Can I use an email address that isn’t my AAU email address?

A: Yes, you can use any email address you want, as long as it’s in your AAU user database.

Q: How do I update my account?

A: Go to “Profile” and click the update button in the top right corner. You can then fill out your profile.

Q: What does my account look like?

A: Your account page has all of the basic information about you. It has your name, hometown, college and career goals, and a photo of you.

 Top Myths about University

1. Academy of Art University doesn’t require you to apply. You are automatically accepted.

2. All classes are free. You don’t need to pay anything.

3. The school provides financial assistance.


Academy of Art University is a private for-profit art school in San Francisco, California. It has three campuses: one in San Francisco, one in Los Angeles, and one in New York City. The school was founded by Robert C. Marcus in 1982.

The school offers associate’s degrees in painting, art history, sculpture, photography, illustration, printmaking, graphic design, fashion design, interior design, film, animation, web design, video game art, and fine arts.

The Accrediting Council accredits the university for Independent Colleges and Schools.


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